The hands-off, eco-safe and effective technology that does what no pesticide can...

Guaranteed to Keep Killing Mosquitoes
All Season Long… Without Toxic Chemicals

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If you’re outside enjoying a warm and sunny day, there’s nothing quite as annoying as one or more mosquitos buzzing around...

And when you break out that can of spray pesticide you might kill one or even a few of those pesky critters.

But then the “mess” begins...

  • The pesticide being used is “poison in a can.” Whether you breathe it in, or the breeze blows it onto other surfaces... it’s toxic for you, plants, and pets (and slimy).
  • Disease carrying mosquitos lay eggs all over the place. Unless you have a secret “mosquito radar” you won’t find them all. Once those eggs hatch, you’re back to step 1.
  • Most treatments are “hands-on.” Whether you or a conventional pest professional try to treat the problem, it’s a tedious “hands-on” effort. You can’t just “set it and forget it.”

Here’s the Safer “Hands-Off” Solution

Introducing Haynes BeeSafe Mosquito Control, featuring the advanced In2Care system, the most effective way to safely control pesky mosquitos around your home or workplace.

In2Care was developed by scientists to eradicate mosquitos and their diseases in mosquito infested regions of Africa.

It is even being used by Disney, NASA and the city of Miami to fight the deadly Zika virus because it is the only method designed to kill current mosquitos and their eggs.

Finally, you’ll be able to feel confident when going outside.

And the revolutionary way it makes mosquitos disappear is simple:
  • The critter flies into a safe, durable, specially-designed pot that attracts, weakens, and turns any mosquito into a death trap for other mosquitos and their eggs before it dies too. Each safe and effective trap replaces countless cans of poisonous pesticide.
  • By leveraging all mosquitos that fly into the trap, Haynes BeeSafe Mosquito Control immediately goes to work for you by eliminating disease-carrying nuisances at the source safely and easily. You won’t touch a thing, and mosquitos disappear like magic.
  • And it doesn’t matter where they are hiding, because mosquitos get attracted by the trap and always fly back to the source, which kills their eggs too. You will truly “set it and forget it” when you decide to use our guaranteed service.

If you would like to take back control of the outdoors from these annoying pests, all you have to do is click the button below if you’re on a mobile phone or call (770) 967-8797 to get in touch with our helpful, no-pressure staff.

Haynes BeeSafe Mosquito Control will give you the affordable peace of mind you deserve while keeping yourself, your family, your pets, and your plants safe (it’s even EPA approved safe).

Why Choose Haynes?

You Won't Regret It. Haynes is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and we have zero complaints. Plus, we get great reviews from our satisfied clients.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. We can guarantee results because our professional technicians are specially trained with the latest methods to get rid of annoying pests.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority. You can rest easy knowing our treatment protocols always ensure the safety of your family, your pets, and the environment.

Your Peace of Mind. You can be confident that our treatment will reduce all levels of disease carrying pests. They will disappear like magic.

Our Honesty & Fairness. We use the golden rule in our dealings with any client. We work hard each and every day to earn our good reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Does Haynes BeeSafe Mosquito Control, featuring the In2Care system it really work?
Yes, extremely well in fact! Haynes Exterminating, Inc. starting using In2Care in 2018.

More and more people are getting it every year because it’s really effective, but also really safe! It doesn’t harm beneficial insects, such as bees or butterflies, and it helps keep mosquitos from taking over your yard.

How safe is this product?
This is one of the safest products in pest control. There are two bioactives, the larvicide and the fungus. The larvicide is pyriproxyfen, which is a World Health Organization recommended product. It’s already been used in drinking water in other countries, and it’s only toxic to insects, not mammals, birds, or fish. The fungus is only toxic to insects as well. It’s called Beauveria bassiana, and it’s already been used for years on crops and in orchards to keep our food safe from pests.

Will this help if a neighbor’s yard is bad?
Yes, absolutely! With normal chemical applications, we are not allowed to spray into other people’s yards, but with BeeSafe, the mosquito can take the larvicide from the In2Care trap into your neighbor’s yard, and it will help control breeding sites in your neighbor’s yard as well.

How often do you come out to treat?
We come out once a month during mosquito season (April-Sept). Our treatment easily keeps pests away for a full month or longer.

Do you come out additional times if needed?
Absolutely. With Haynes Exterminating, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

How much do the additional treatments cost?
No charge. Your satisfaction is our top-priority.

I have a large backyard. Is there a limit as to the size yard you can treat?
No, we can treat any sized yard. However, if your backyard is the size of Piedmont Park, we may have to talk...

Can you guarantee you can get rid of the mosquitoes?
Yes. Haynes BeeSafe Mosquito Control absolutely gets rid of the mosquitos. That said, no one can guarantee you will never have another mosquito again (unless they lie to you). We do retreat as needed at no additional monthly cost.

Are there diseases that your mosquito control process will eliminate?
We can't say "eliminate," but we do say you can expect a significant reduction in the levels of pests that carry diseases (like Zika or the West Nile virus). You will also get peace of mind that the chances of encountering a pest that carries a disease to be minimized as much as absolutely possible in the treatment area.

Are your treatments safe for people, plants, and pets?
Yes, they are!

“Haynes Exterminating do what they say they're going to do, and do an excellent job of it!”- John C. (Buford)
“I'm not sure just any company would have gone to the lengths Haynes went to get rid of the problem.”- Vanessa H. (Gainesville)
“Very thorough and clear communication on the details of their process.”- Ed B. (Cumming)
“We have been extremely pleased with the service we get from Haynes.”- Catrina B.(Flowery Branch)
“The staff is always so friendly and accommodating. They are fantastic.”- Kerstin M. (Athens)
“They politely explained the scope of the work that needed to be done and preformed all aspects of his job to the highest level.”- Robert C. (Clermont)

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