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Revolutionary New Technology. Haynes In2Care Mosquito Control uses new patented technology that has proven to be one of the most effective methods for eliminating mosquitos. Learn more by watching the video below.

You Won't Regret Choosing Us. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (Zero Complaints)... Plus great reviews.

Your Satisfaction. Our professional technicians are specially trained with the latest methods to get rid of annoying pests.

Your Safety. A top priority! Our treatment protocols insure the safety of your family, your pets, and the environment.

Your Peace of Mind. You can be confident that our treatment will reduce all levels of disease carrying pests.

Our Honesty & Fairness. We use the golden rule in our dealings with all. We truly have earned our good reputation.
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Questions Often Asked...

How often do you come out to treat?

We come out once a month during mosquito season (April-Sept). Our treatment easily keeps pests away for a full month.

Do you come out additional times if needed?


How much do the additional treatments cost?

No charge. Remember, your satisfaction is our goal.

I have a large backyard. Is there a limit as to the size yard you can treat?

No, we can treat any sized yard. However, if your backyard is the size of Piedmont Park, we may have to talk...

Can you guarantee you can get rid of the mosquitoes?

We can significantly reduce the level of mosquitoes to the point that you will feel safe to go outside. However, we can't say we can guarantee you will never have another mosquito. In fact, no one can really say that (unless they want to tell a lie). We do retreat as needed at no additional cost. Just give us a call.

Are there diseases that your mosquito control process will eliminate?

We can't say we can "eliminate" but we can say you can expect a significant reduction in the levels of pests that carry diseases (like the West Nile virus). You can have peace of mind that the chances of encountering a pest in your backyard who carries a disease to be miniscule in comparison to being outside in other locations.

Are your treatments safe for people and pets?


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