Continuous Training = More Effective At Combating Pests.

Haynes Exterminating places a high priority on the quality and training of the individual technicians performing the pest control service for our customers.

We understand customers are hiring us to solve a big problem (fast!), and prevent future problems with pests. The more we know about pests, as well as the safest, most effective methods to eliminate them, the happier our customers will be.

an image of CPCO logoTo this end, Haynes spends a significant amount of time and money ensuring that all their technicians are thoroughly trained in the latest, safest pest fighting methods.

All Haynes technicians are required to exceed the state requirements set forth by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. In addition, by attending classes and workshops sponsored by various pest control certification organizations, Haynes technicians can keep up with the current innovations in the pest control industry.

Haynes also uses state of the art technology not available with some other companies to provide a superior results. Read More

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