Who is Haynes Pest Control Services?

Bill Haynes worked for a number of years with a national pest control company.  He was thankful for the experience and the training.

But, Bill began to realize that he was unable to serve his customers in the way he would like to be served if he were a pest control customer.  Working for a huge company limited his ability to serve customers by doing the little things that were important to them-like flexible scheduling.

So, in 1996 Bill decided to start a company that had fully trained personnel like the big companies, but was responsive and nimble to the needs of those they are serving.

Great service and caring for his customers on a personal level became the passion and mission of his new business.

What’s Important to You Is Important To Us.

Owner Bill Haynes Says…

“The quality and training of the individual performing the service is a factor in a customer’s happiness.  I make sure that everyone who represents Haynes Exterminating is well trained.”

“All our technicians are required to exceed the state requirements set forth by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  By attending classes and workshops sponsored by various organizations, our employees can keep up with the current innovations in the pest control industry.”

“We also use state of the art technology not available with some other companies to provide a superior result.”

“Equally as important, I make sure the people I hire can handle themselves with the highest level of professionalism. Serving people is key.”

“To summarize:  We are really good at what we do (solving pest problems, providing peace of mind pest protection for our customers). PLUS, we really do want to go the extra mile to make the customer very happy.”

img0018Bill is very involved in his family life and in the life of the community.  He spends many evenings watching his children participate in various activities like dance, basketball, softball and baseball.  Bill often does the announcing at the local high school baseball games.

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